Friday, August 19, 2011

Love Korea in Paris

Is Summer time in Paris. Lovely weather and lovely mood.

It took me 16hours to fly from Malaysia to Paris, that is really tiring. Just sharing my experience to all ladies, when you on long journey flight your skin will be very terrible. Prevent the skin getting worst I always apply mask one night before depart.

I got a present from my colleague and this product is fly directly from Korea. Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask. It is really good for tightening and cleansing your pores, beside this also can prevent blemishes.

Easy to apply and also easy to wash off too, i love this product so much and is made in Korea.

Is really sunny in Paris, to make sure my skin won't burn off i have secret ingredient to make sure my skin is protected.

Ciracle Vitamin C serum is the best, but if you are sensitive skin user, i will advice that you should mix 2 drop of serum with 1 drop of mineral water or filter water. This Vitamin C serum is helps repair essential skin function for increased tone and firmness. What it say, the serum will visibly improve the color and texture of the skin.

Make-up myself and ready for Party......

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