Sunday, June 27, 2010

The real fun of My Everyday Look Make-up Workshop

Note of thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone who give me support and helping hand on this Make-up workshop.

Person 1: My hubby, thanks for his understanding and helping me to take care my 2 little angels, while I am busy with work.
Person 2: Mr. Josh Lee, be my venue sponsor, and everyone was so suprise how come got a hidden garden, antik and zen place around when they step in the gate. Of course als thanks all the workers there helping me setting up the room.
Person 3: Ms. Stella Yeo, my make-up partner and best friend, thanks for the hardwork, without you the workshop never be success.
Person 4: Ms. Lock, my best friend, FREE part-timer, really thanks for your time.
Person 5: Miss Janice Lim, my student and now become friend, thanks for your kindness to be my model.
Person 6: Glamlabel Studio, good work to your artist and your photographer... all my participants love thier make-over.
Person 7: S2 slimming, be our door gift sponsor, thanks.

Setting up by the world class interior design director Mr. Josh Lee (founder of Asian roots), we serve the best nasi lemak in town, cocktail sausage, banana cake, curry puff and tropical punch for the refreshment....

Stella Yeo - Make-Artist cum Partner, counting money.. haha..

First part - we start with the theory of colors. During the ice-breaking session, most of participants joining this make-up workshop is because they want to learn make-up and they want to be beautiful. Why they want to be beautiful? Because they feel that be beautiful can build confidents. These are the conclusion of thier comment. 

2nd part - Make-up step demonstration, the eye-shadow color is chose by all participants. They need to choose a color that they hate or never dare to use. Conclusion we have Orange and Deep Red. So, I am always love challenges, to put on eye-shadow color that they "Hate The Most" on the Model.

The End of the demonstration, Model Cat Walking....nice turn, of course after using the shade, tone & tint color technique, they can see how i change the color they hate become color they like it.

Then everyone will start get their make-over done, artist is busy, photographer busy editing, participants is happy with the beautiful look.

The best part of this workshop, you are paying RM50 but beside you have your FREE make-over and the money also can full redeemable for ZFC products.

I also would like to welcome those who had sign up the personal make-up course and get ready to be beautiful & buliding image confident.

The next make-up workshop will be at ecoparadise (Business Fraser Park, KL) on 9th July.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HAVE you DONE with S2?

WOoooOOo... Amber Chia is the spoke person for S2 Slimming. Have you Done with S2? Of course I had Done S2. I got myself a very very super good deal with S2 Slimming.

Last week i had brought a S2 booklet at RM50 and the Booklet total have 4 pcs RM50 cash voucher and 3pcs RM100 cash voucher, means total it have RM500 worth cash voucher in a booklet.

The reason i brought it because i feel like i need a good massage to relax myslef, RM50 for a full body massage should be good, and the lady who sold the booklet to me said that it also have slimming effect. "Phewit.... a massage can have relaxation effect and slimming effect at the same time" just pop in my mind, with no 2nd though i just knock down 2 booklets for myself and one for my mum.

There is also have one 25% discount voucher for thier in-house slimming products, I did ask what type of in-house product they have, she told me that "Slimming Coffee" is the best seller in their center. Again... my though is like "Phewit.... Coffee that can make me slim", because i am a coffee lover.

Terms & Conditions: -
1. Each Customer is entitled to use only ONE booklet.
2. Value of each boolet cannot be accumulated.
3. Original voucher to be presented upon redemption.
4. Voucher is not valid for promotional or discounted priced services.
5. All values espressed are in Ringgit Malaysia and vouchers are strictly not exchangeable for cash.
6. Voucher are not redeembale against product purchases.
7. Please call toll free number below for appointment prior to visiting outlet.
8. Management reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Expiry Date: 31st Dec 2010 (p/s Is My Birthday too)

I do not have time to redeem the treatment yet, but sure will go after my make-up workshop. Below are some information (Uniqueness of the treatment) that i copy from their web site. (

Manual Fat Drainage

• Skilled hand massages to remove excess fats and impurities, unblock clogging in the lymphatic system and tone the body to stunning slender perfection.

• Prevents stubborn fat, reduces water retention and enhances body metabolism.

Navel Care Therapy

• An abdominal massage that promotes detoxification and healthly “Chin” circulation.

• Helps to acelebrate the body's metabolism, particularly in fat removal.

Drainage Massage

• Stimulates the lymphatic system.

• Improves blood circulation to help remove toxins, win excess fluids and impurities.

(Good news to all my followers and readers, you will get yourself an extra S2 Signature Programme worth RM780 for FREE with the purchase of the above S2 booklet at Poshies Blog & FREE pos laju to you if you unable to collect from me)

E-mail: if you want to buy


Monday, June 14, 2010

ZFC Golden Orange + Sharp Blue Eyeshadow

I am using ZFC crsytal colour - Golden orange and Blue, you will suprise that asian eye when go along with the 2 complimentary colours, it still look pop yet not too heavy, this is also suit for everyday working look make-up

I personally love this colour combination, and the blusher use Pink blusher instead Orange blusher ans Pink will go well with blue colour and will create a fresh look.

I am welcome any opinion and comment, it is fine as we are growing in different lifestyle, different education backgroud, sharing is the best way for learning.

If you want to learn more about the theory of colour please join us "My everyday look Make-up workshop" on 26th June 2010. for more info please click HERE


Orange + Green Eyeshadow

I always wanted to do video tutorial like alot of famous Self Video maker, but I really find hard time to film it although I already borrow a cam from my dad.

Anyhow, as I promise to you all, I will show some of the pic after my make-up.

This time I want to show you that not necessary have to wear dark tone color all the time, even for evening make-up. That is why I had choose to use Orange + Green , both colour go together is match together because they have the same "Yellow Colour" Element.

Of course how to make my eye look much more bigger, i had attached the lower fake lashes. You can draw thicker eyeliner if you want to have rounded eyes.

You can look much more better after the make-up, get your hair done and dress up.. sure you can look much more beautiful then I.

Enjoy Learning, Poshies is running a "My Everyday Look Make-up Workshop" coming 26th June 2010 for more info please Click Here

Sunday, June 13, 2010

ZFC Pearl Powder

Poshies wanted to share with you a very very easy to use make-up product that can enhance the eye-shadow that yo have.

Do you have any experienc like after brought the eye-shadow and then you will find the colour is not what you can accept after applying on your eyes?

If yes... i have a good solution for you..... ZFC pearl powder, this have plenty of colours and you just need to apply it after your eye shadow, it will change your eye shadow colour and more tone it down nicely.

Here are some of the colours:

The benefit of this Pearl Powder it is powder form and you can make it very light or very heavy. I need to show you the colour and i apply very thick so u can see the colour. You may blend it very soft even if one colour you can blend out a few tone.

Enjoy learning.. if you need Poshies to show you how.. please join us the Make-up workshop  (click in for more information about the workshop) on 26th June 2010. Register had start now...


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beautiful Look start a Beautiful Day

Today evening i had attended an survey about Sanitizer, I had get myself dress-up & make-up nicely to start a beaufiul day.

And guess what i can see rainbow....

I believe if you have good mood in the morning you will eventually everything will seen like so smooth and easy for us. In another way, if you feel angry in the morning, the whole day will like in a mess with everyday. That is why I love doing make-up, that is how I start my good mood.

Today i would like to share with you the Make-up looks (Orangy + Pink eyeshadow)

Alot of young lady nowady do not really dare to apply pink eyeshadow, because they have a wrong perception of "pink will make my eye bulky" this is not true as you need to know how to blend in nicely with others colour.

wanna to learn make-up? please visit or e-mail me


Showdown 2010

Showdown down down down down down down down.................... Stacey had down to KL live center to vitness the most exicted TV programme at 8TV... the Theme of the day is "70's"

That is why stacey need to dress up herself look like 70's , hoping can win some prize...

The Famous blogger Tammy & The Chocolate lover Fatin & The Beautiful Kelly, we are really enjoy the session

Saturday, June 5, 2010

“My Everyday Look Make-up” Workshop

“My Everyday Look Make-up” Workshop

After Last Year December 2009, Poshies organised a Make-up workshop and that is some one keep asking me when will me organise another. Poshies had decided to run 2 days workshop for everyone who wanted to be more beautiful and confident.

The best of this workshop is not just a Make-up tutorial workshop but is giving you ideas on how to match the eyeshadow colour, lips colour and blusher colour to suit your daily outfit for work, dating, shopping or party.

Date: 24th June 2010 (Thurs) or 26th June 2010 (Sat)
Choose a date at your convenient (Limit to 15 pax per session)

Time: 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Venue: Asian Root (Near Puchong & Putra Height) - Lot 1A, 7481, Jalan Kempas, Kampung Batu 13 Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor Malaysia

Fees: RM50 Fully redeemable for products (for that day only)

You will learn:

Basic of Make-up Step

Theory of colour

How to match eye shadow colour with the outfit

Fees include door gifts and FREE makeover with one 8R photo shoot by professional photographer (worth RM180). Refreshment will be served.

To register & payment please call 012-314-5808 (Mon – Fri) - First come first Serve

The registration confirm after you had bank in the payment, please e-mail the slip and let us know your Name, Tele Number & e-mail address too.

Below are the picture of Asian Root

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mens Biore New Product Launch, 19th May 2010


Thanks for Tammy again, i had been invited to join a Media Launch at Camp 5, 1 Utama Damansara.

I was there because I can get some Biore product to let my Hubby try ( tell u a secret, my hubby never use any cleasing form, i gonna force him to use it) and 2nd I can have a chance to participate the mini toprope competition for media. Beside this I am so happy to meet a guy call "John" and he is amazing, I really love his job. Wanna know more about him please visit Find promotion, sales & discounts in Malaysia.




Kao Men’s Bioré officially launched two new refreshing additions to their facial cleanser range - Black & White Double Scrub (Extra Cool) and Double Control Oil & Shine. These new facial cleansers have double the normal strength of the cleansing action necessary for the modern man’s needs. These new Double Series products are priced at RM13.90 for a 100g tube while the 50g tube is priced at RM7.50.

With the remarkable double deep cleansing action, the Black & White Double Scrub (Extra Cool) facial cleanser exudes an extremely cool and refreshing sensation for men who like a stronger after-cleansing from their facial wash. The innovative Black & White formulation is proven to be able to absorb excessive oil and sebum more effectively than conventional charcoal based scrubs in the market. The ‘white’ micro-beads break down into fine granules, which penetrate into the smallest crevice of your skin to remove grease and dirt.
The Double Control Oil & Shine on the other hand, controls your skin’s oil secretion for up to twice as long as conventional cleansers and leaves your skin with the signature cool refreshing feeling of all the Men’s Bioré products. This is a non-scrub facial cleanser with an Oil-Dissolving Agent, which effectively clears oil and eliminates dirt from your skin, while its Oil-Absorbing Agent continuously regulates oil throughout the day. It also helps to tighten pores improving the appearance and condition of your skin.

Men’s Bioré product is Malaysia’s No. 1 Men’s Facial Cleanser since 2005 and the product line includes seven variants of facial cleansers, the pore pack, body foams and shampoos which are formulated to meet the unique challenges posed by the modern man’s active lifestyle and the unique requirements of different skin types.

The modern Bioré man is refined and well groomed, adventurous and ambitious. With the Men’s Bioré high performance products, he can be confident and assured of getting clean, healthy skin with the new double action cleansing power.

The Men’s Bioré Black & White Double Scrub (Extra Cool) and Double Control Oil & Shine are now available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, leading pharmacies, provision stores & chinese medical halls.

Men’s Bioré Product Range
The Men’s Bioré product line includes seven facial cleansers, pore pack, body foams and shampoos which are formulated to meet the unique challenges faced by the modern man’s active lifestyle and the unique requirements of different skin types.

Black & White Double Scrub (Extra Cool) NEW!!

Remarkable Double Deep Cleansing Action
This is an extremely cool and refreshing cleanser for men who like a stronger after-cleansing feeling from their facial wash. The innovative Black & White formulation is proven to absorb excess oil and sebum more effectively than conventional charcoal based scrubs on the market, while ‘white’ micro-beads break down into fine granules which penetrates into the smallest crevices of your skin to remove grease and dirt.

Double Control Oil & Shine NEW!!

Clears Oil & Shine up to 2x longer
This cleanser controls your skin’s oil secretion for up to twice as long as conventional cleansers, and leaves your skin with the signature cool refreshing feeling of Men’s Bioré products. This is a non-scrub facial cleanser with an Oil-Dissolving Agent that powerfully clears oil and eliminates dirt from the surface of your skin, while its Oil-Absorbing Agent continuously regulates oil throughout the day. It also helps tighten pores, which will improve the appearance and condition of your skin.

Black & White Double Scrub - For Double Cleansing Action
It contains Black and White beads that actively absorb excess oil and penetrate deep into pores where other products are not able to effectively reach and cleanse.

Deep Clean Action – For clogged pores and oily skin
This super Clean Beads cleanse deep into pores and exfoliate dead skin cells while Smoothing Beads refine your skin’s surface. Mineral Clay helps absorb excess sebum.

Energizing White – For dull and dark skin
The Skin Bright Polishing Beads remove old, dull skin cells while the Crystal Powder gives the skin a white, matte and smooth finish.

Active Refresh – For stressed & tired skin
Firm, toned up and refreshed at the same time. The Active Refresh also functions to prevent sagging caused by fatigue and stress. Relax and recharge tired skin with long lasting icy freshness.

Acne & Oil Block – For acne and oily skin
Triclosan combats bacteria that cause acne while Hyper Oil Absorbing Agent continuously controls sebum.

Men’s Pore Pack Cleansing Strips
Additional slits give a better fit, which enables it to remove blackheads more effectively. It contains natural menthol to leave skin feeling taut, cool and refreshed.

Deep Scalp Shampoo
It cleanses deep into the pores of the scalp to remove pore-clogging oil and dirt. Octopirox reduces scalp itchiness and prevents the formation of dandruff. Direct Touch bottle enables you to apply it directly onto the scalp.

Anti-Dandruff and Refresh Shampoo
Also formulated with Octopirox and anti-bacterial agents for defense against dandruff and itchiness and gives your hair a healthy shine.

Clean Action Body Foam
It effectively deep cleanse to removes oil, sweat and dirt. Contains natural menthol that leaves a clean and refreshing feeling.

Energizing White Body Foam
Enriched with Brightening Beads to effectively remove rough, dull old skin cells and Vitamin E to clean, nourish and brighten skin.

Beside knowing the new products of Biore, I had also won myself 6 months Camp 5 membership and 3 months basic wall climb course.

Overall, is a good experience for me....


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