Monday, June 14, 2010

Orange + Green Eyeshadow

I always wanted to do video tutorial like alot of famous Self Video maker, but I really find hard time to film it although I already borrow a cam from my dad.

Anyhow, as I promise to you all, I will show some of the pic after my make-up.

This time I want to show you that not necessary have to wear dark tone color all the time, even for evening make-up. That is why I had choose to use Orange + Green , both colour go together is match together because they have the same "Yellow Colour" Element.

Of course how to make my eye look much more bigger, i had attached the lower fake lashes. You can draw thicker eyeliner if you want to have rounded eyes.

You can look much more better after the make-up, get your hair done and dress up.. sure you can look much more beautiful then I.

Enjoy Learning, Poshies is running a "My Everyday Look Make-up Workshop" coming 26th June 2010 for more info please Click Here

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