Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Jobs...

Before writing serious on Make-up tips, why not have a look some photos when i on job.

Each time when i done someone make-up normally i will took a photo shoot. I have a friend she do not know anything about make-up and she told me " Stacey... you know what!! I really admire you because you just like a Magician can change some who look just .. so.. so.. to "Hollywood Star". Well, be honest i quite like the compliment actually.. hhheee.. hee, because is really true that I am so happy to see someone just turn beautiful after the make-over.

Well i also have girl who told me... "Neeh... Make-up is not for me, I am Natural Beauty". I think in my heart "Natural Beauty.... come on... that is why til now you still have not have a boy friend." Nowadays, girl who do not know make-up is really getting rare, but for those who really do not have the know how, do not worry, please stay with my blog from time to time, you will keep some knowledge for yourself.

Make-over Workshop

Monday, April 21, 2008

Make-up Tips (coming soon)

I am a professional Make-up Artist and beside Bridal Make-up, Commercial Make-up and Stage Make-up, i also do provide Personal Make-up course and Make-up workshop for any company or community.

In this "My beautiful life" blog, i will share Make-up tips, and also welcome to discuss which mascara, lipstick or treatment cream do you absolutely love and which is your favorite brand etc...

Let's be Posh, be Beautiful, be Confident, be what you want to be.....

My Beautiful Life

Hi, well i do have a blog on Friendster, but still decide to have a new blog. My beautiful life ... I always told myself, I am so lucky i born in a good family and my parent had provide me a excellent environment to growth up.... I love my family so much.... Muak** MuaK***

If you want to know more.... or you would like to share your beautiful life with as well you are welcome.... Cheers!!

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