Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nelson Tan Japanese Ala Carte Buffet Restaurant (Bird Lay Egg)

If you can read Chinese sure u will get attraction from this..... funny name it just translate from a English name "Nelson Tan" but in Mandarin is mean "bird lay egg". When i step into the restaurant, it look so local Japanese feel restaurant, although the size is not as huge as Jogoya or Tenji, but the variety of food they serving are many.
Japanese Ala Ca rte Buffet cost only RM56++
Korean style Steamboat

Yummy ....

Chinese dim sum

Western style grill cheese oyster


Grill Sea Food

Japanese Tempura

Chinese style "tai zi"

Cawan Mushi (Must try).... so nice

Chocolate soft cake with Ice - Cream (Melt my heart away).... so yummy delicious, this is the best recommendation you must try as the cake is warm and the soft chocolate is hot when it melt out is so smooth and ate with Ice-cream is the best combination, but i prefer Vanilla ice-cream. (Must Must Must Try)

I wondering who is Nelson Tan... finally I mange to take a picture with him...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Korea Glass Noodles by Poshies Kitchen

Is a beautiful Sunday... lazy mood. I decide to prepare a healthy fast food which only take me 10 minutes to cook. Korea glass noodles with sotong and prawn + a hat (Egg)

My Hubby rate this 8/10.... then i ask him where is another 2 marks gone? He say leave a room to improve. Very clever ....


Friday, March 18, 2011

Leeds University, UK

Yesterday, I had received a letter from Leeds University, UK. I had been invited to a reception in Kuala Lumpur for Leeds Alumni. Really miss the time during the study at Leeds, ooh dear school mate do u still remember how Leeds university look like? I did went back to visit Leeds University last December 2010.

The journey from Scotland, Stirling to Leeds was really tired, because on that day having heavy snow, a lot train had cancel, I might stuck at middle journey, but I still insist to take the risk.

Look out from the train, I feel excited because I never see the real snow scene before, then I told a passenger who sat beside, "I really enjoy the scene, very beautiful" then she replied me say "I hope you can still feel the same for the rest of the day".

 I love this photo, amazing.... practice my photo shooting skill.

 After viewing for 4 hours i feel bored already.... nap nap

 Finally I had arrived Parkinson building, the main Icon of Leeds University.

I still have an account with them, but because it had deactivated for 7years, finally had request withdraw all the money and close the account.

 A small church beside Leeds University Main Entrance.

 Business Department
 Not much changes..... 

 Here is where we take the group picture before graduation.... 

Engineering Department

Well..... let's see when will i can be there again.... Hoping Malaysia Airline or Air Asia can sponsor me a trip ahaha... I think too much... 


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Precious Old China @ Central Market

I really cannot believe myself, even I am Malaysian who stay in KL & Selangor for more then 25 years but I never been to Central Market, KL.

When I stepping in, I feel like I am shopping at Bangkok. I found one very authentic restaurant in central market name Precious Old China. Wondering what food they serve?

Sitting in, make me feel really cozy and really can't wait to see what good food i can eat here. A charming and bubbly person in charge (Mr. Rayment Tee) had recommend me a few dishes that I must try. Precious Old China serves predominantly Nyonya (Straits Chinese) food.

Curry Fish Head, the taste is not spicy and if you are curry lover, you should love this as this is full of creamy coconut taste yet that is a flavour you never tell, finally i found out from Mr. Rayment, they added the secret ingredient "salty fish" in it too.

This is one of my favourite dish -  Kerabu Pucuk Paku. I cannot believe them this is much nicer then some traditional Malay cusine. Spicy + Sour just so nice to be starter.

I cannot stop compliment the food here, this their special friend chicken with lemon grass, you not eating the chicken in this dish, what i had told by Mr. Reyment, the lemon grass is eatable too. Crispy and the lemon essence is just so match with the chicken.

Chinese....of course RICE is still our Main stapple food, but i had order coconut blue rice instead white rice. This had made the whole satisfaction for my lunch with Precious Old China.

Refreshing Rosell juice (must try)

Local coffee, If you are coffee lover (must try)

Precious Old China

Restaurant & Bar, Lot 2, Mezzanine Floor, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

Reservation: 03-22737372Fax: 03-22745687


Friday, March 4, 2011

Poshies testimonial in Women's Weekly Magazine

Tammy & I had been selected to try out Avene Sensitive White, finally had publish at Women's Weekly March 2011. Please click here to read the previous post about Avene Sensitive White.


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