Friday, March 18, 2011

Leeds University, UK

Yesterday, I had received a letter from Leeds University, UK. I had been invited to a reception in Kuala Lumpur for Leeds Alumni. Really miss the time during the study at Leeds, ooh dear school mate do u still remember how Leeds university look like? I did went back to visit Leeds University last December 2010.

The journey from Scotland, Stirling to Leeds was really tired, because on that day having heavy snow, a lot train had cancel, I might stuck at middle journey, but I still insist to take the risk.

Look out from the train, I feel excited because I never see the real snow scene before, then I told a passenger who sat beside, "I really enjoy the scene, very beautiful" then she replied me say "I hope you can still feel the same for the rest of the day".

 I love this photo, amazing.... practice my photo shooting skill.

 After viewing for 4 hours i feel bored already.... nap nap

 Finally I had arrived Parkinson building, the main Icon of Leeds University.

I still have an account with them, but because it had deactivated for 7years, finally had request withdraw all the money and close the account.

 A small church beside Leeds University Main Entrance.

 Business Department
 Not much changes..... 

 Here is where we take the group picture before graduation.... 

Engineering Department

Well..... let's see when will i can be there again.... Hoping Malaysia Airline or Air Asia can sponsor me a trip ahaha... I think too much... 


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