Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nelson Tan Japanese Ala Carte Buffet Restaurant (Bird Lay Egg)

If you can read Chinese sure u will get attraction from this..... funny name it just translate from a English name "Nelson Tan" but in Mandarin is mean "bird lay egg". When i step into the restaurant, it look so local Japanese feel restaurant, although the size is not as huge as Jogoya or Tenji, but the variety of food they serving are many.
Japanese Ala Ca rte Buffet cost only RM56++
Korean style Steamboat

Yummy ....

Chinese dim sum

Western style grill cheese oyster


Grill Sea Food

Japanese Tempura

Chinese style "tai zi"

Cawan Mushi (Must try).... so nice

Chocolate soft cake with Ice - Cream (Melt my heart away).... so yummy delicious, this is the best recommendation you must try as the cake is warm and the soft chocolate is hot when it melt out is so smooth and ate with Ice-cream is the best combination, but i prefer Vanilla ice-cream. (Must Must Must Try)

I wondering who is Nelson Tan... finally I mange to take a picture with him...


Anonymous said...

is the food nice? i nvr tried before...

Stacey Lee said...

Yes really good and fresh.

Anonymous said...

hi. i'm just wandrering where is this restaurant located?

Stacey Lee said...

at kepong

keowluann.google.com said...

how much is the price?

keowluann.google.com said...

how much is the price?

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