Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 New Make-up Look

This day 31st December 2011 is a very special day to me, 3 combine celebration. I am Celebrating New Year and my Birthday Party + my cousin sister wedding at Pavillion KL.

I would like to share my 2012 New Make-up Look:
(Always focus on bigger Eye technique - Longer shape)

Step 1 - The eye make up is always the most important part, I had choose to use golden yellow as eye-base and highlight with golden yellow too. Then draw a big V-shape about 1cm from your eye.

Step 2 - Using shimmer light purple colour blend in the inner eye, try to blend the V-shape look more soft.

Step 3 - Using Orange Red colour tip in the middle between the light purple and your black V-shape, and add in glitter to look more glamour.

Step 4 - Draw thicker Eyeliner and fix in the eyelashes. 

Completed.... Hope you all like it

It had been a while I did not wear strong make-up for Party.... 

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