Thursday, September 18, 2008

ZFC, Fiber Mascara

Recently i start using this fiber long Mascara, is easy to use and really make my eyelash look so long and Natural... unlike fitting fake eye lasher.

ZFC Fiber Transplanting Mascara
- Contains 2 tube, one is the fiber tube which will 'transplants' into your eyelashes, making lashes look longer.

The 2nd tube is the mascara which make lashes look darker and fuller.

- Lengthens your eye lashes up to 200%-300% longer !
- Used by professional makeup artists
- Easily to use, doesn't smudge and easy to remove using normal cleanser

Normal Price RM128

Now only RM68

You can get this from Beauty Hut

to place order please write us e-mail at

产品介绍: 知名专业杂志《化妆师》期期推荐的--ZFC专业彩妆系列ZFC专业彩妆系列最新推出了突破传统睫毛膏技术的无限纤长睫毛膏组合,它能让您的睫毛真正增长200%-300%,并且自然卷翘45度,让你拥有像芭比娃娃一样动感迷人的睫毛和眼睛,能让您的眼神看起来更加闪烁诱人!
此款级至纤长梦幻组合可瞬间将睫毛增长到300%,同时缔造你意想不至的卷翘弧度,难以置信的惊喜妆效,会令你禁不住惊叹它的神奇! 您相信吗?为何不试试? 那个神奇的睛毛膏是一个盒子装的.包装很漂亮.像我们香水瓶子.或是一份神秘的礼物.打开.里面是两个银色的管子.一支长.一支短.长的里面是黑色的.短是白色的.
2合1 极至纤长嫁接液+纤长天然纤维......... 级至纤长嫁接液 :无比贴合,柔顺舒适的质地,可轻易塑造毫无瑕疵的无限纤长睫毛!其配方中融合了具有神奇附着力的聚合物,令你拥有完美妆效一整天!
净含量:10ml 纤长天然纤维 :100%天然,宛如自然生长的睫毛,不会对眼部产生任何刺激. 净含量:0.8g 使用方法:首先.用黑色的打底哦.然后抹上白色的.再用黑的把白的染黑..再用白的.这样和程序哦.喜欢加长的.就一直重复..就能看到睫毛一直在拉长.拉长不是一点点哦.除了拉长.更神奇的是.它向上卷翘的.
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Is my great pleasure to work with the most excting Modeling Magazine - YOUmag. I am their Makeup & Hair styling consultant for the coming issue.

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Press News annoucement

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