Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Samaritan Home

 Is a lovely Saturday...29.01.2010 we heading to Good Samaritan Home for charity cause.

 This home have 34 of them
 The women behind this home, i can see from their face they are really doing it from bottom of their heart. They love all the children, and the children also love them very much.

Chinese New Year is just at the corner... Tammy the lovely Head of organize this had bring them a lot a lot new cloth.I also manage to bring some cloth of the teenage boy and girl. They are not brand new but hardly wear more then 2 or 3 times. I really admire someone mum claim her self is one of the mystery lady had making 13 dresses for the girls to wear on 29/1/11 (fitting) for CNY!
 After everyone had change their new cloth on.. we heading to KFC for February Birthday Party.
Poshies had invited to do FACE Painting for them.
Thanks for all the volunteer helper ... Ms. Rina, Ms. Yvonne Lim and Mr. Chu Fan.

If you want to support them too please contact them directly.


Getting Marry Soon... you must get yourself one.



Water soluble foundation liquid has a good sticking property, can moisture the skin and protect us against harm form the sun. It integrates the functions of toning lotion, Purina and puff cake and can let skin become natural, pink, tender and fresh.

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ZFC professional Make-up Brand

The Story of ZFC Make-up Brand
Zhao Fu Cheng has written a brand new chapter in the cosmetic industry.
Z F C are not only three letters It's a name, a trademark, and one of the originators in China's cosmetics industry.

He gave the Chinese make-up artist a new position through cosmetics revolutionary where
their work presents to bemore passion, more free, and more beautiful.

Zhao Fu Cheng was born in central China's Lin Chau in October 23, 1972.
Influenced by her mother, hehas a great interest in art.

At the age of 17 , he started his journey of dreams from the military arts in a Beijing company, and began his cosmetic Kingdom when he is 22.His success in operating the acclaimed series Ai Meimade him the most welcomed cosmetics suppliers.

March 2005,Zhao Fu Cheng created another fashion Kingdom - ZFC.

Mr. Zhen Ji Xian was hired to be the brand ambassador who is also the leader in Asian cosmetic industry.He has assign the current make-up a kind of illusion of language and trend, and he dares to challenge the tradition.

The colorful and meticulous attaching texture of the productsis the source of creativity to the makeup artists whilst The performance of the primary color and texture of the products
become a model for today's fashion creativity.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai 2011

Assume alot people will start their holiday tomorrow 29th Jan til 6th Feb. Any how if you do not have such a long holiday, nevermind... that is mean u are hard working and earn more money then us. 

I would like to take this apportunity to wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

40% off for all ZFC Make-up Product Forever - find out how

Good news to everyone who wanted to start some small business or just good bargain for your own, this is an opportunity.

What you need to do just purchase minimum RM300 worth of ZFC cosmetic in a single receipt, you will upgrade to POSHIES VIP membership and get 40% off from the retails price forever ... YES is FOREVER.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2011

Christian Dior - Bright eye makeup
 If you have a pretty eye-shape, why not trying something different , say no more to Smokey eye for evening Make-up. Adding bold eyeshadow colors such as orange, pink, green, blue, can definitely help you enhance your eyes and attract a generous amount of attention towards your face. Keep in mind that for this type of makeup you will need flawless skin so create it using concealer and foundation.

Apply your favorite bright colored eyeshadow, apply a black eyeliner close to your upper lash line and coat your eyelashes with a black colored mascara. You can leave your lips bare or enhance the lips as well using a red colored lipstick.

Create this look with good quality affortable brand ZFC Crystal Color EyeShadow
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Flash back to the DAY One of Year 2011 with KFC


 Thanks for Tammy hosting a cool birthday party... our birthday is side by side, that is long long long time I did not organise birthday party.

Look at us.. We are so Yong.
I think the kids are the most happiest, as they have meet Mr. Chicky and receive present.
My Family having fun too
A Group Photo at last...Cheering Year 2011

A Lucky Year of the Rabbit - with POH KONG

POH KONG Jewellers is the largest retailer chain in Malaysia and the largest retailer of gold jewelleries and gemset jewelleries in Malaysia.

I am lucky enough Just try to participate in thier contest 1 day 1 winner, I am the lucky winner on 11.01.11 good day with all the good number.
Butterfly is my ICON of POSH.I.E.S

Thanks POH KONG Lighten my YEAR


Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Best Friend Wedding


Is My pleasure to do Make-up on your big day.

Haha... of course she is not my best friend, but she is my best friend's daughter 

Penny de Mummy brought this from China... really nice. 

Lovely cute couple... Mr Lee and Mrs Lee

Great Photography from Paddyfield Studio

Again... Chee Wei & Hui Zi


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rock with Rimmel

Finally I had received the prize from RIMMEL. So today I decide to use all color for New Year Look.

4 Nice Colours 

I have single eyelid, to make it more charming here is the trick to make the eye look bigger.

AFTER, the eyes look better

Now, apply foundation, draw eyebrow as normal step. Next is the Eye-shadow.

After eye-shadow, apply the under liner by black shadow

Last apply eyeliner and Mascara. 

HERE is the final look... Done

Thanks RIMMEL.


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