Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rock with Rimmel

Finally I had received the prize from RIMMEL. So today I decide to use all color for New Year Look.

4 Nice Colours 

I have single eyelid, to make it more charming here is the trick to make the eye look bigger.

AFTER, the eyes look better

Now, apply foundation, draw eyebrow as normal step. Next is the Eye-shadow.

After eye-shadow, apply the under liner by black shadow

Last apply eyeliner and Mascara. 

HERE is the final look... Done

Thanks RIMMEL.



Tammy Miu said...

nice colors :) i find it very light after you apply it. Is it because day time make up you apply lightly or the pigments are light?

FatiN said...

i like your placement of colours! green inside and purple + black outside looks good!

Stacey Lee said...

Tammy: The pigments are ok, because it contain shimmer so with flash so you see it very light in the photo

Stacey Lee said...

Fatin: Black outside is always safe for small eyes like me.

Isabel said...

dam.. i need to get those double eyelid stickers. lol!

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