Sunday, January 30, 2011

ZFC professional Make-up Brand

The Story of ZFC Make-up Brand
Zhao Fu Cheng has written a brand new chapter in the cosmetic industry.
Z F C are not only three letters It's a name, a trademark, and one of the originators in China's cosmetics industry.

He gave the Chinese make-up artist a new position through cosmetics revolutionary where
their work presents to bemore passion, more free, and more beautiful.

Zhao Fu Cheng was born in central China's Lin Chau in October 23, 1972.
Influenced by her mother, hehas a great interest in art.

At the age of 17 , he started his journey of dreams from the military arts in a Beijing company, and began his cosmetic Kingdom when he is 22.His success in operating the acclaimed series Ai Meimade him the most welcomed cosmetics suppliers.

March 2005,Zhao Fu Cheng created another fashion Kingdom - ZFC.

Mr. Zhen Ji Xian was hired to be the brand ambassador who is also the leader in Asian cosmetic industry.He has assign the current make-up a kind of illusion of language and trend, and he dares to challenge the tradition.

The colorful and meticulous attaching texture of the productsis the source of creativity to the makeup artists whilst The performance of the primary color and texture of the products
become a model for today's fashion creativity.

~~~ ZFC 专业化妆品 100%正牌~~~

ZFC 专业彩妆产品是与法国,日本,韩国等研发机构通力合作,研发生产的具有一流技术和优良品质的专业彩妆系列产品。系列产品全部符合欧盟安全标准。

ZFC 专业彩妆产品符合欧盟安全标准,也受到国外业界的高度认同。




如果不是专业化妆师或美容师可能没听过这牌子。。 (to check it out ZFC)


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