Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bridal notes -- Beauty Countdown

Use this checklist for your personal beauty and again is just a refrence only

6 months:
  • Try out new hairstyles and colours
  • Maintain a sensible exercise programme
  • Establish a healthy eating programme
  • Have a facial
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day

3 months:

  • Try a body massage to relieve the countdown tension
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Have any unwanted hair removed
  • Select an eyelash tint to reduce the need for mascara
  • Continue with your Facial programme
  • Keep up your exercise programme and healthy diet

2 months:

  • Select make-up to complement your wedding gown
  • Arrange for test application of any new make up
  • Visit your dentist for a check-up and have your teeth professionally cleaned
  • Continue your facial, manicure and pedicure programmes
  • Continue your exercise and healthy eating programme

1 month:

  • Continue your facial, manicure and pedicure programmes
  • Rehersal of hair style
  • Have a body massage
  • Colour hair if required
  • Keep up the exercise and healthy diet

1 week

  • Final waxing, eyelash tint and facial with your beautician
  • Keep up the exercise and healthy diet

1 day before

  • Final manicure and pedicure
  • Soak in a warm bath with essential oils and relax

Wedding Checklist Countdown to the Big Day

This is just some refrence only:-

12 Months Pior:
  • Set a wedding date
  • Set a budget
  • Decide on the type / style of wedding reception
  • Determine estimated number of guests
  • Decide on Venue and make reservations
  • Select wedding attire

10 Months Pior:

  • Start scouting for a caterer, florist, musicians, photographer, videographer
  • Start shopping for your Pre-Wedding photoshoot

8 Months Pior:

  • Book primary vendors: caterer or hotel, florist, cremony, and reception musicians, photographer and videographer
  • Choose and order your wedding dress or have it tailor-made
  • Begin writing up the guest list

6 Months Pior:

  • Choose bridesmaid, bestmand, and master of ceremony
  • Plan honeymoon destination
  • Organize the guest list, complete with names and addresses
  • Decide on type of entertainment for the reception

2-3 months pior:

  • Design and order invitation cards
  • Shop for wedding rings
  • Bride to schedule appointment with beautician

1 month pior

  • Address and mail out all invitations
  • Arrange a final fitting of your attire
  • Hair and make-up trial session
  • Reconfirm availability of bridesmaid, bestman and master-of-ceremony
  • Plan detailed program of the wedding ceremony and dinner
  • Confirm honeymoon plans

2 weeks pior:

  • Confirm guest list and inform hotel
  • plan seating arrangements for guests

1 week pior:

  • Have a rehearsal and give wedding programme to all involved
  • Begin packing for honeymoon
  • Pick up your wedding gown
  • Break in your shoes

1 day before:

  • Treat yourself and your mum to a manicure
  • Go to bed early and try to get a good night's sleep

Friday, November 7, 2008

Extra Ordinary Bridal Make-up

Yeah, very very familiar face, she is one of my favorite Make-up Model, Asther Lam. 1st I creating a very simple and clean bridal look for her during this indoor shoot.

Yes, again She is still Asther, I give a very ordinary bridal look. This Make-up technique will make your eye look extra big and nice.

I absolutely love this post...

This shoot i using my own digital camera ... i do not have a good skill for photo shooting.

Here is me and Asther...too sad that i unable look as cute as Asther but i do hope atleast i still have my own personality of a little sexy hahah...

Now , this is the evening look. Butterfly is beautiful, place it all over her hair, is good for shooting and even if you like to have this on your actual wedding dinner also absolutely stand out and beautiful.

Outdoor Shooting

Hey... finally the 2nd issue of YouMag had out. This time we went to the real battle field, nice feel as beside doing make-up and I had donate quite amount of Blood to Mr & Mrs mosquito. Well here i attached some photos....

My Make-up Tools...... very very messy

They are all Very Perfect... Model of tomorrow

This photo is shooting is the last shoot on that day... i can see they are very tired yet still very professional... me too Damn tired.

During the 2nd image Shoot, the operation manager request to have something different on face painting. Hope you all like it.

One of my friend told me, she really like my job as i can meet so many handsome model and beautiful lady model as well.. hihihi...

Kiwi, Finalist of I want to be Model... She have the look... and very very very Talketive, charming girl.

A special face-painting creation on her face... and she said she look like a cow.. haha funny!

A perfect match ... leng lui and Leng chai

Another handsome model Kenneth...

She really unbelievable, she can speack mandarin, cantonese and also Hokkien

Well overall is a happy and unforgetful outdoor photo shooting. The result of the shoot turn out very nice... if you have a chance to grab a copy of this YouMag then you are very lucky.
On the next coming issue will be talk about Christmas.... yeah x'mas... I had done the very best to show you Malaysia version of Mr. Greench... ha.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wedding, Wedding, and More Wedding to Attend

It had been a while i do not update my blog, this is because I am extremely busy with work and also almost every weekend there is someone getting marry.

Just my family, we have 2 family member getting marry soon. My hubby's little brother at 28th December 08 and my hubby's 4th older sister at 1st January 09.

I love to do Bridal Make-up a lot, is not only for living but also because of the happiness that show at everyone face and turning a normal person to absolutely "Kawaii" bride. Their transform is my satisfaction.

Maybe you might say I had over self-esteem... what so ever... I do not mind. What in my mind now is starting from now, I will try to share more about wedding tips, from the day you decide to get marry to Honey Moon.

Wedding is a very exciting events that I love to attend the most, Wedding is the vision of Love.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

ZFC, Fiber Mascara

Recently i start using this fiber long Mascara, is easy to use and really make my eyelash look so long and Natural... unlike fitting fake eye lasher.

ZFC Fiber Transplanting Mascara
- Contains 2 tube, one is the fiber tube which will 'transplants' into your eyelashes, making lashes look longer.

The 2nd tube is the mascara which make lashes look darker and fuller.

- Lengthens your eye lashes up to 200%-300% longer !
- Used by professional makeup artists
- Easily to use, doesn't smudge and easy to remove using normal cleanser

Normal Price RM128

Now only RM68

You can get this from Beauty Hut

to place order please write us e-mail at

产品介绍: 知名专业杂志《化妆师》期期推荐的--ZFC专业彩妆系列ZFC专业彩妆系列最新推出了突破传统睫毛膏技术的无限纤长睫毛膏组合,它能让您的睫毛真正增长200%-300%,并且自然卷翘45度,让你拥有像芭比娃娃一样动感迷人的睫毛和眼睛,能让您的眼神看起来更加闪烁诱人!
此款级至纤长梦幻组合可瞬间将睫毛增长到300%,同时缔造你意想不至的卷翘弧度,难以置信的惊喜妆效,会令你禁不住惊叹它的神奇! 您相信吗?为何不试试? 那个神奇的睛毛膏是一个盒子装的.包装很漂亮.像我们香水瓶子.或是一份神秘的礼物.打开.里面是两个银色的管子.一支长.一支短.长的里面是黑色的.短是白色的.
2合1 极至纤长嫁接液+纤长天然纤维......... 级至纤长嫁接液 :无比贴合,柔顺舒适的质地,可轻易塑造毫无瑕疵的无限纤长睫毛!其配方中融合了具有神奇附着力的聚合物,令你拥有完美妆效一整天!
净含量:10ml 纤长天然纤维 :100%天然,宛如自然生长的睫毛,不会对眼部产生任何刺激. 净含量:0.8g 使用方法:首先.用黑色的打底哦.然后抹上白色的.再用黑的把白的染黑..再用白的.这样和程序哦.喜欢加长的.就一直重复..就能看到睫毛一直在拉长.拉长不是一点点哦.除了拉长.更神奇的是.它向上卷翘的.
Source from:

I Teach Personal Makeup

Every Ladies have to right to be Beautiful...

Make-up is to increase our Confident

Make-up is to make us Feel Good and Look Good

Want to know more and learn the skills of ensure flawless make-up .... Learn it at Posh Image Enhancement Services.

We are a home-base service provider which will give you one to one private class yet is personalize tailor for you base on your current knowledge of makeup.

Why we are differents?

* Do not have specific Module, because is tailor base on indivual.

* Flixible in class time table.

* If you require door to door private class that is possible as well.

* Easy & Fun teaching methods, create by the founder STACEY LEE
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For those who interested in FREE Trial Class or any enquiry please drop me a line at

Indoor Shooting

Is my great pleasure to work with the most exciting Modeling Magazine - YOUmag. I am their Makeup & Hair styling consultant for the next few coming issues. If you want to see more on the actual work please log into

Asther... the beautiful Babe..... OOoh Don't Cry Baby

Cathy.... Just like China Doll... She is the PIC of this Shooting and she found me at

My Favourite Aeron.. Far from Penang...

The Sexy Look of Asther... She really Look Like a STAR...

Is my great pleasure to work with the most excting Modeling Magazine - YOUmag. I am their Makeup & Hair styling consultant for the coming issue.

Nice to meet all new Models of future..
If you want to know more about my services, please feel free to drop me a line at

Press News annoucement

This is the press annoucement about the competition, and you all can see i am stading at left hand side, the most taller one...

Friday, August 22, 2008

No one can deny human always love beautiful stuff

Again, a guy told me that he do not liKe women wearing Strong Make-up... but Natural Look... Here i ask again, if ur girlfriend really not wearing Make-up will you feel not comfortable, then he agree. I personal feel that, without wearing Make-up i much look like not Natural.


How you feel ? They are beautiful right....... Thanks for your agreement.

Which Cosmetic Brand I Use????

I believe no matter you looking for a make-up artist either just normal dinner day out or Bridal Make-up, the most comon question that you ask either is How much you charge? and the 2nd comon question will be Which Brand you using?....

I do like many counter brand in the market, e.g. Shu Umera, MAC, Bobbi Brow...etc but the brand that i use is rare to heard in the consumer market, but is very well known for Professional Make-up Artist, espcially in special effect use in TV, Drama, Stage Makeup.

I am here attached the web-site address, feel free to understand more about this brand..... GRIMAS.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Creative Makeup Competition

I just done the competition last 2 weeks ago. The competition is so meaningful to me, i glad that I had won 2nd Runner up title. Below had attached are some photo of my Makeup and others creative makeup.

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