Friday, November 7, 2008

Outdoor Shooting

Hey... finally the 2nd issue of YouMag had out. This time we went to the real battle field, nice feel as beside doing make-up and I had donate quite amount of Blood to Mr & Mrs mosquito. Well here i attached some photos....

My Make-up Tools...... very very messy

They are all Very Perfect... Model of tomorrow

This photo is shooting is the last shoot on that day... i can see they are very tired yet still very professional... me too Damn tired.

During the 2nd image Shoot, the operation manager request to have something different on face painting. Hope you all like it.

One of my friend told me, she really like my job as i can meet so many handsome model and beautiful lady model as well.. hihihi...

Kiwi, Finalist of I want to be Model... She have the look... and very very very Talketive, charming girl.

A special face-painting creation on her face... and she said she look like a cow.. haha funny!

A perfect match ... leng lui and Leng chai

Another handsome model Kenneth...

She really unbelievable, she can speack mandarin, cantonese and also Hokkien

Well overall is a happy and unforgetful outdoor photo shooting. The result of the shoot turn out very nice... if you have a chance to grab a copy of this YouMag then you are very lucky.
On the next coming issue will be talk about Christmas.... yeah x'mas... I had done the very best to show you Malaysia version of Mr. Greench... ha.

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