Monday, November 3, 2008

Wedding, Wedding, and More Wedding to Attend

It had been a while i do not update my blog, this is because I am extremely busy with work and also almost every weekend there is someone getting marry.

Just my family, we have 2 family member getting marry soon. My hubby's little brother at 28th December 08 and my hubby's 4th older sister at 1st January 09.

I love to do Bridal Make-up a lot, is not only for living but also because of the happiness that show at everyone face and turning a normal person to absolutely "Kawaii" bride. Their transform is my satisfaction.

Maybe you might say I had over self-esteem... what so ever... I do not mind. What in my mind now is starting from now, I will try to share more about wedding tips, from the day you decide to get marry to Honey Moon.

Wedding is a very exciting events that I love to attend the most, Wedding is the vision of Love.

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