Friday, November 7, 2008

Extra Ordinary Bridal Make-up

Yeah, very very familiar face, she is one of my favorite Make-up Model, Asther Lam. 1st I creating a very simple and clean bridal look for her during this indoor shoot.

Yes, again She is still Asther, I give a very ordinary bridal look. This Make-up technique will make your eye look extra big and nice.

I absolutely love this post...

This shoot i using my own digital camera ... i do not have a good skill for photo shooting.

Here is me and Asther...too sad that i unable look as cute as Asther but i do hope atleast i still have my own personality of a little sexy hahah...

Now , this is the evening look. Butterfly is beautiful, place it all over her hair, is good for shooting and even if you like to have this on your actual wedding dinner also absolutely stand out and beautiful.

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