Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Teach Personal Makeup

Every Ladies have to right to be Beautiful...

Make-up is to increase our Confident

Make-up is to make us Feel Good and Look Good

Want to know more and learn the skills of ensure flawless make-up .... Learn it at Posh Image Enhancement Services.

We are a home-base service provider which will give you one to one private class yet is personalize tailor for you base on your current knowledge of makeup.

Why we are differents?

* Do not have specific Module, because is tailor base on indivual.

* Flixible in class time table.

* If you require door to door private class that is possible as well.

* Easy & Fun teaching methods, create by the founder STACEY LEE
**** FREE Trial Class Available ****

For those who interested in FREE Trial Class or any enquiry please drop me a line at

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