Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HAVE you DONE with S2?

WOoooOOo... Amber Chia is the spoke person for S2 Slimming. Have you Done with S2? Of course I had Done S2. I got myself a very very super good deal with S2 Slimming.

Last week i had brought a S2 booklet at RM50 and the Booklet total have 4 pcs RM50 cash voucher and 3pcs RM100 cash voucher, means total it have RM500 worth cash voucher in a booklet.

The reason i brought it because i feel like i need a good massage to relax myslef, RM50 for a full body massage should be good, and the lady who sold the booklet to me said that it also have slimming effect. "Phewit.... a massage can have relaxation effect and slimming effect at the same time" just pop in my mind, with no 2nd though i just knock down 2 booklets for myself and one for my mum.

There is also have one 25% discount voucher for thier in-house slimming products, I did ask what type of in-house product they have, she told me that "Slimming Coffee" is the best seller in their center. Again... my though is like "Phewit.... Coffee that can make me slim", because i am a coffee lover.

Terms & Conditions: -
1. Each Customer is entitled to use only ONE booklet.
2. Value of each boolet cannot be accumulated.
3. Original voucher to be presented upon redemption.
4. Voucher is not valid for promotional or discounted priced services.
5. All values espressed are in Ringgit Malaysia and vouchers are strictly not exchangeable for cash.
6. Voucher are not redeembale against product purchases.
7. Please call toll free number below for appointment prior to visiting outlet.
8. Management reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Expiry Date: 31st Dec 2010 (p/s Is My Birthday too)

I do not have time to redeem the treatment yet, but sure will go after my make-up workshop. Below are some information (Uniqueness of the treatment) that i copy from their web site. (http://www.s2slimming.com.my/)

Manual Fat Drainage

• Skilled hand massages to remove excess fats and impurities, unblock clogging in the lymphatic system and tone the body to stunning slender perfection.

• Prevents stubborn fat, reduces water retention and enhances body metabolism.

Navel Care Therapy

• An abdominal massage that promotes detoxification and healthly “Chin” circulation.

• Helps to acelebrate the body's metabolism, particularly in fat removal.

Drainage Massage

• Stimulates the lymphatic system.

• Improves blood circulation to help remove toxins, win excess fluids and impurities.

(Good news to all my followers and readers, you will get yourself an extra S2 Signature Programme worth RM780 for FREE with the purchase of the above S2 booklet at Poshies Blog & FREE pos laju to you if you unable to collect from me)

E-mail: stacey@poshies-ladies.com if you want to buy



Miu said...

not bad not bad.. what's the signature treatment about? rm780 punya?

Doroshi said...

soumds like good deal!
how much is the normal massage?

Poshies said...

Miu: RM780 Is inclusive my favorite Drainage massage, Body Wrapping, Bio Detox Therapy and Navel Mask.... is absolutely worth to try...

Doroshi: The drainage massage is for slimming effect (normal price RM380) the others massage i did not ask.. as i really focus on slimming

Diana Loh said...

where can i buy the booklet?
go to their salon?

Sue said...

ooo.. sounds good! how to get the booklet?

Stacey Lee said...

Nope, you unable get it at the salon. To get the booklet with POSHIES, either you can collect from me at Subang area or you want me to poslaju to you. Poslaju fees is about RM5-6 ringgit i think.

e-mail me: stacey@poshies-ladies.com

if you want the booklet

Poshies said...

so S2 giving Poshies another FREE treatment worth RM780 once we buy the RM50 booklet that have RM500 worth of cash voucher to spend.... super super good deal

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