Sunday, June 13, 2010

ZFC Pearl Powder

Poshies wanted to share with you a very very easy to use make-up product that can enhance the eye-shadow that yo have.

Do you have any experienc like after brought the eye-shadow and then you will find the colour is not what you can accept after applying on your eyes?

If yes... i have a good solution for you..... ZFC pearl powder, this have plenty of colours and you just need to apply it after your eye shadow, it will change your eye shadow colour and more tone it down nicely.

Here are some of the colours:

The benefit of this Pearl Powder it is powder form and you can make it very light or very heavy. I need to show you the colour and i apply very thick so u can see the colour. You may blend it very soft even if one colour you can blend out a few tone.

Enjoy learning.. if you need Poshies to show you how.. please join us the Make-up workshop  (click in for more information about the workshop) on 26th June 2010. Register had start now...


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