Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How you like to look "Natural"

We always hear people saying they like 'natural look'. What exactly is natural look?

There was a program done in Australia on topic related to 'Natural Looks'. The host went to the city main street with a pair of twins - one nicely groomed with makeup, the other just 'let-it-be'.

The host randomly asked men on the street about their preference of natural look and makeup look. After asking 10 men of the same question, their answers were that they prefer ladies with 'natural look'. However, when asked them to choose from the twins, all 10 pointed to the lady who was groomed and with some makeup on...

Rachel believes everyone like to look good, they just do not know how yet. Rachel also believes everyone like others to be groomed.

'There are no ugly woman, only lazy ones' - Helena Rubinstein 1870-1965

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