Friday, February 5, 2010

Be Your Own Boss


Do you ever think about starting an online business?

The world will become completly wireless, especially europe countries, USA and others developed country they can buy everything thur online.

In Japan, there is an online store company selling dairy products very successfully, do you ever imagine they are selling eggs online and delivery within 24hours. If i were a busy mum wanted to take care of kids and handling my online store, plus many house work to do, I really wish there is an online grocery shop selling dairy products, vegetable, chicken, fish..... which i can order them at night and they will send to me in the next morning in Malaysia.

Online Shopping

If you are intrested to sell Make-up products (Cosmetic & others) and you are staying at Penang, Kelantan, Kuantan & Selangor then you are the one I am looking for. I am selecting total 10 persons to provide FREE mentoring to own an online store like the best thing of this, you need not to buy stock to keep, you order when you receive order from customer.

I will sellect Penang 2 persons, Kelantan 2 persons, Kuantan 2 persons & Selangor 4 persons only.

Once you applied is not means you will get the free mentoring. You need to gone thur an interview with me and i will annouce who will be the 10 selected persons. Please apply before 03-03-2010.

Quote to share:
" To succeed in business you need to be a little crazy, a little uncomfortable, a little hungry for money" by Steve Job

"Believe in yourself, you want to be the best" by Stacey Lee

Scroll down to fill up the Form.

Name (as per IC):


Mobile Number:

Email Address:

Home Address:

Do you currently have an online store?



If Yes Please provide your online store URL:-

What is your occupation?

Check each social media account that you have:






Please provide all above social media account name:

e.g. Facebook -

Skyppe - poshiestacey

Blog -

Check each topic that interests you:


Face Care

Nail Care

Body Care

Hair Care

Ladies Bag


None of above

What is the reasons you want to own an online store?

Click here to create your own form.


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