Sunday, June 12, 2011

June - Month of Blue

I in BLUE Mood this month...

I work at the city of Mid Valley, the shopping heaven that everyone love to go but I never went shopping at all. Normally i just hunt for food in the mall and back to work everyday. I feel so not like me, and last Thursday night I just walk pass by Robinson at Garden after work, saw a big board saying that "70% Discount" that catch my eye. Finally got myself the lovely blue bag that only cost me RM79 with good quality.

The next day, I having lunch with friends at Chilli, they told me that Vincci is having member's day, everything 20% off, so with no 2nd though i just walk in and grab myself a nice pair of blue flat shoes. I have too much high-heel, I think i should wear more flat shoes as a lot people complaint that I am too tall.

I did not plan it to have them in pair... but just incident that they are look so matching. I love it, as this will be my June Blue Mood Month. Really like all the discount items.... that is why I am running a discount business.


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