Friday, December 11, 2009

Voluntary Work - Make-up workshop @ Sincere Home

Make-up Workshop @ Sincere Home Kajang, Household Manager Training for Single Mother & Ladies who need help.

Poshies (POSH Image Enhancement Services) is a home-base business and running variety services - "ALL ABOUT BEAUTIFUL". I teach personal Make-up course, provide Bridal Make-up &  Hair Do, Children Face Painting, Facial services etc...

Beside this "POSHIES" also handling an online shop, selling handbags, dress, shirts, lingerie etc. Please join as a member for FREE.

Previousely I am a Marketing manager, I had took 3 years to plan and finally had quit my Full-time job on 31st Oct 2009. The person who inspire me to work from home, she is the founder of E-home Maker Madam Chong Sheau Ching.
Very delighted that Madam SC Chong giving me a chance to teach a group of ladies to learn how to make-up.  For my understanding, they are mostly Single Mother and will train up as a household manager to replace the shortage of Indonesian Maid and others.

My team members & I arrived Kajang at 3pm, before that I received phone call from Thomas request me to arrive early as all the ladies are can not wait to meet us. My team members are good friend cum business partner came far away from Johor Bahru just to assist me to conduct this meaningful workshop. They are total of 28paxs participant. The seminar type sitting arrangement it is a little difficult for us to conduct hands on workshop, but we had manage to make it happen.

Each of them had given a mirror and they need to share the make-up pallete together, therefor they need to take turn to use it, but they are very patient to wait for their turn.

Below are some of the pictures had took on the day.

Everyone are doing good job, I love it while everyone is making herself look beautiful... that is the Motto of Poshies - All about Beautiful

Everyone are concentrate watching how Ms. Ivy Seow (ZFC Creative Director) demonstrating the hair do after completed the make-up demo

Mr. Thomas , one of the tutor of the Household Management course, i think he enjoy the session as well.

We are almost done....



We are not end yet... the party is just begin

Ms. Pauline one of my friends had baked some cake to share with everyone too, the cake not only tempting and smell good too..... "Boss one Coffee please" (is the best combination for Cakes)

They are many more.... My friends & I are very enjoy the session, hope we can have a chance to do it again.


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