Sunday, August 29, 2010


I personally do really have very dark skin tone, one of the reason is I rarely apply sunscreen and I just came back from Beijing (China), always explore under the sun, this make me look more dark. When I knew that I had been invited to try on this AVĖNE NEW SENSITIVE WHITE range, I am so happy.
Scarly... Stacey without make-up

Please look at the picture on the LEFT, my forehead is dark, my cheek is little pink, and with serious dark circle (I know), overall I have uneven skin tone. After trying this for 7 days, please see picture on the RIGHT, yes i can see changes, but of course, this is not miricle just in 7 days, but at least I can see different , the forehead still a little darker tone, but overall I see that if I continue using it achieve "snow white skin" is not far away. I definately will continue using this.

Step 1: Applying Whitening Lotion

We all known as toner, when the 1st day I use this without cotton, I feel very sticky when applying, and some sharp feeling on it too. I remember it mention Alcohol FREE and Fragrance-free too. So decide to use cotton, that give me less sharp feeling but I still do not feel comfortable, so I ask one of my Beautician friend, she said normally if our skin start hydrating, when applying toner will give us this feeling. Maybe because i just came back from China and really need more Moisturizer.


Step 2: Whitening Essence (Serum)

In whitening range of product, Essence is very important, especially if people who have pigmentation, applying essence is a must. This is not mean if you do not have pigmentation you need not to use it. I personally do not have serious pigmentation problem, continue using this will prevent the pigmentation formation, hope nope in future too.


Step 3: Whitening Fluid

When i look at the word Fluid, my first perception should be smooth & flowing, but is rather thick and creammy. I am surfing the internet and found that the online pharmacy of Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore is recommend Avene Whitening Fluid for people who want Anti-Pigmentation. I use 2 dose is already enough for applying on face & neck.


Step 4: Avene Very High Protection Emulsion 50+ SPF (Sunscreen / Sunblock)

The texture is sublime, sort of silky and it's totally wearable on no-make-up days. This sunscreen is suitable for oily skin due to the addition of pumpkin seed extract which regulates sebum secretion. if you are dry skin, the eessential falty acids will bump up the oil production of these oil producing glands. Since it is light, would always suggest to apply with moisturizer underneath,

The finish is fantastic - I wear this sunsreen wunder ZFC silky 2 way cake and my make-up stays put all day instead of turn into oily, and it offers fantastic sun protection.

As we all known Avene main ingredient in all the product range is "Themal Spring Water" (Aven Aqua), all skin types will love this 4 step finish. I personally like it, but i feel abit heavy after applying, but after a few minutes when everything absorp then will not have that sticky feeling anymore

P/S: Do not forget to apply on your neck too. You do not want to see 2 different colour between your face & neck

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