Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Memories must share

I not only a beauty blogger but I also a travel lover, no matter travel for holiday, travel for business I always enjoy it. After my Birthday on 31st Dec we going to say good bye to Year 2010, after a month travel to UK it had been giving me a lot of good memories.

Time flies, the memories back to year 2002 is my first ever travel as a back packer for a month at Europe. If you ask me where is the unforgettable Europe country .. Mm.. I will say the trip to Greece, but of course every country have its own beauty, anyway i just manage to visit 6 countries in a month. I stay in Leeds UK so we start from UK London to French Paris then German Frankfurt and Munich then move on to Austria and then to Switzerland Lucern via  Zurich, then to Italy Vernice via Milan, Florence, Rome and taking boat trip to Greece Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, then last fly back to Leeds UK.

Another good memories in year 2003. I manage to save more money to buy myself another 1 month holiday to Egypt and Spain. I will share my experience once i done collecting all my memories.

I love my life... My Beautiful Life


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