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O'slee - The Secret of Rosehip by O'slee

13 OCTOBER 2010


O’slee the new skincare solution

Kuala Lumpur, 13 October, 2010- HOW do we select the type of skincare products most appropriate to our skin when there are an abundance of similar products already in the market? The secret is in choosing products that use reputable ingredients that have a history for their medicinal properties.

O’slee is a new skincare product marketed under O’slee Malaysia and distributed by Bin Us Sdn Bhd. Its wide range of skincare products have been in the Malaysian market since May this year and are sold exclusively in Guardian pharmacies.

Very young entrepreneur, Mr. Aeron Lee, we meet 2 years ago when he is a Model, I done Make-up for him before. Click here to see.
The Director of O’slee Malaysia, Aaron Lee said, “O’slee’s range of skincare products are made with pure rosehip extracts that originates from the rich soil of the Chilean mountains. Rosehips are berry-like fruits from a type of rose plant, known for centuries among Chileans for its skincare benefits. They are known for their natural skincare ingredients that are rich in nutrients. The Chileans for one have been using rosehip in their skincare products for centuries and even till today.”

O’slee Malaysia’s product launch to be held at Celsius Restaurant & Bar at the brand new Farenheit 88 on Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur targets to create awareness among consumers on the importance of using the right products most beneficial to the skin. Its brand concept is projected through nature, which forms the principle behind every one of its skincare products.
The main highlight of the event is O’slee’s Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III. However, several other O’slee’s skincare products will also be showcased alongside the main item. Experience natural skincare benefits with O’slee’s range of skincare products like the:

1. Rosehip Q10 Moisturizing Lotion
2. Rosehip Peeling Gel
3. Rosehip HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream SPF 26 PA++
4. Rosehip Complete Eye Cream
5. UV Block Powder SPF 20 PA++
6. ClearSpa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask
7. ClearSpa Sleeping Mask Advanced Formula

That use the latest most advanced technology to help enhance the efficacy and stability of O’slee’s skincare products.
Range of the O'slee product. I will review a few product and soon will post up.
"Past research and studies support the high recommendations given to the beneficial properties of rosehips by dermatologists and professionals around the world. And tests carried out by the Chemistry and Pharmacist Department of Concepcion University in Chile showed rosehip is effective in reducing wrinkles and tackling problems related to aging skin.”
Skincare benefits from using rosehip:
i. Repair skin and restore healthy skin structure.
ii. Stimulate skin’s self-rejuvenation properties leaving skin smooth and glowing.
iii. Activate the production of collagen, leaving skin firm and reducing wrinkles.
iv. Moisturize the deeper layer of skin and reducing pore size.
v. Controls the damage of free-radicals to skin, delaying anti-aging process.
vi. Lightened pigmentation with whitening effect.
Meet Benjasmin the catwalk guru.

nice food

This is the make-up of the day when I attend the launch.

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