Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1st. ever Wedding Award Show in Malaysia

1st. ever Wedding Award Show in Malaysia. 15th. May 2010, Menara Hap Seng

I am working at the backstage, and 15th May is one of the biggest day in my life, that is my son (Austin Chia's 4 Years old Birthday) but I had choose to be with Gregs reward, the 1st ever wedding video award in Malaysia.

Poshies (Posh Image Enhancement Services) is one of the Sponsor for the event, we have a very important task too. Our task is to transform all the above ladies must look like "Datin" and look "Posh" because they are the work crew and the themed of this event is "The Red Carpet"

After transform them, of course i need to transform myself too, I feel so sorry about my dress up as i though is smart casual but instead is smart formal.

I think I really need a serious diet plan, happy to know that BizzyBody is one of the sponsor, and I do have the FREE treatment voucher.

The Opening Ceremony.....

to be continue....


爱上熟女部落 said...


nice 2 know u here...i'm fr selangor..very nice blog...makeup

Stacey Lee said...

Hai, thanks for the compliment, nice to meet you here too.

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