Friday, May 7, 2010

Digi - BlackBerry 9700 in house launching

 BB... when people around keep talking about.. "My BB...", i though is BB cream.. they all laugh at me only know Make-up all the gadget thing you too outdated.

I think i am really leave behind so much, which i do not know what new phone in the market, why so many people admire to have Iphone etc. But in marketing point of view i know some new term after "Social Media" now is "Augmented reality" is another new tools for marketer to market their service or product. If you know more then me, may share some comment too.

Well, today i just wanted to show you some photo of mine when doing the make-up for the dancer and also the models. The most important things is i really love my job, my motto "FUN WITH WORK, WORK WITH FUN"

Lastly not forget to have a picture with my IDOL... Dyland Liong & Belinda Chee

We are BEAR Lover

location: Geography Cafe (Melaka)


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