Friday, May 7, 2010

Mad Hatter's Tea Party by Miu & Food Review @ The Smokehouse

I have to apologize to get so long for me to start writing this review, firstly I am not really a very good writer plus my English Grammar is really Poor... can say "Suck"

Anyhow, i hope you all understand what i try to delivery...

Is my pleasure to have invited by Miu for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party@ The Smokehouse (Bangsar)

This is a theme party of course we all need to dress up... we have Mad Hatter, Alice, Red  Queen and the Cat... are we cool!!!

Hai, I had dress up myself like Alice, tell you a secret... I am wearing my Mum's Maternity Dress of 30 years ago, i just add in a red belt to make it more fit to me, with half face RED Queen Face Painting & Half Face Alice, but the Alice (Stellar) who standing beside me is far more beautiful then me so much...

 Miu had already nicely deco the table before everyone arrive (She done a good job, and thanks for her mum too, the tea pot on the plate is made by her mum) ... we can't wait for the FOOD to be serve..... Yummy Yummy...

Smokehouse Set A - RM12 per person
This consists of Scone, Apple Pie with a pot of Tea or Coffee.

One big scone already fill up my stomach, so is very worth it for value. I love scone so much, this is the best one can be compare side by side with the one i ate in England tea house (UK)

So this is Smokehouse Set B - RM18.00 Per Person 
 Beside the scone, this apple pie is my 2nd like, is not because of this food review then i try to say is good, is really very very delicious, the Cinnamon and the sweetness is just so right and the most important is the apple must be fresh and still crunchy, and of course the outer layer of the pie... crispy and thick enough, the best combination.  

 This is the Rarebit (Beef Bacon, Cheese On Toast) - RM12
Is a simple snack that my husband always prepare for our breakfast, we like heavy rich cheese taste, the bacon is abit too dry for me.. overall is taste good.

Crème Brûlée - RM8
A rich custard dessert topped with a layer of hard caramel.
Not too sweet, and the caramel is equally baked, is something good that can recommend..
Bombe Alaska - RM28
An ice cream dessert with homemade shortbread base topped with mixed fruits and natta de cocoa covered with meringue. Flambéd with rum.
This is my first time trying out this dessert... for me personally enjoying at the 1st 3 spoons in my mouth , but more then that.. 
after food is time to vote who is the Best Winner.. guess what.... Hhaahha I am the winner... Yeah

 Here we all are the winner.... 
Thanks miu i love the prize...
trying up once i get home.. haha my finger thick like stick.. so the ring only can fit my last finger...
Overall is a nice experience and thanks for all the good food, nice chatting with new friend.... i start to miss u all already, when can we have another party like this?

we must go to this place again The Smokehouse
The Smokehouse
67-G-1, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22881510

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stellarvixen said...

mad mad red queen!
how ya doing?! luv your post!
haha i have yet to put up mine lol

am glad dennnis said no rush..wave after wave!

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