Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fresh color, Fresh look

Today would like to share with you a fresh look color, I am wearing a blue dress, so i decided to use shimmer yellow, yellow green and dash with matte yellow and black to shade end of the eye. My favorite Crystal Shine Eyeshadow range for highlight and the inner corner of the eye.

Using matte color is to make our eye look more pop and the color is more standing.

Hope you like it.... (this sharing is for readers had already know make-up)


Shen said...

i love your eyes! green and yellow really looks good on fair asian skin.. actually in most asian skin. don't you think so? :) i lvoe your banner. its my first first time here and i think i'll be coming back for more. :)

Poshies said...

Shen:- Yes is look good on asian skin, but if the dark skin tone can also use yellow and Green but it will make your eye more pop

Slowbrogal said...

Stacy, if next time you wanted any model for ur makeup, I'll volunteer myself!! Haha XD
i love ur FOTD!!


Poshies said...

Slowbrogal: Mm ok sure if i have Make-up workshop, then i invite you to be my model. By the way what is FOTD?

Jessying said...

Poshies : FOTD is Face of the Day.. hehehe .. very nice eye makeup, very bright .. and fresh! I like it

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