Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jurlique aromatheraphy workshop

Firstly I would like to thanks Rachel (Brand Manager) giving me a chance to participate in the morning session, if not i going to miss this workshop.

Maybe because I am not English educated so there is alot terms of Aroma that I do not understand.

While waiting the workshop start I snap down the door gift given by Jurlique, very very good.

The whole session of the workshop, I enjoy the most are Self expirence - blending the aroma oil by ourself. 

And also have a chance to try Jurlique product immediately, having fun and too lazy to remove my eyelashes and shadow.

Everyone is getting ready to try on.... step by step guide by the beauty consultant.

The Rosewater balancing mist... I definately buy this as I need it for my trip at Beijing. I heard is 40 degree hot hot hot.

This MASK is so nice, the lemon smell, very very refreshing and have whitening effect too.

The eye gel and eye cream is also one of the best sell product.

I had done my last step, apply moisturizer....I really have dark skin tone, even after the mask most of the participants can see glow in their face but mine just so so only...of course now what u see is my skin without foundation.

World so small, meet some of participants who join "My Everyday Look Make-up workshop" organise by me too...... Great


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