Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sembang Sembang July - First class Service & Using Social Media


This is the beautiful things that i ever have, meeting high-class entreprenuer at Sembang Sembang organise by Warisan Global Entrepreneurial Community & sponsor by USA Embassy.

This is my 2nd time joining this event, last month we having a topic about "Social Entreprenuer" and this month topic is about " First Class Service & Using Social Media"

The organiser had invited 4 fantastic panel to share their knowledge and ideas on how to make our business perfect and be first class service provider.

3 womens will make one "pasar malam" means night market, and imagine we have more then 30 womens around gathering at paparich bangsar Telawi 3. I definately enjoy the session, but a little dissapointed is I am sitting to far away from the speaker, and some of the participants are can't wait to sembang sembang and keep talking that make me feel a little annoying.

A few points or should say things that I had take back from this Sembang Sembang:-

  1. Now a day is diffcult to build royal customer but building word of mouth to make people talk about your business is more important.

  2. To have first class service in your company, most important assest is to hire the right employee who match the company core value, with positive mind set.

  3. Make your staffs happy is equally important like make your customers happy.

  4. Customer is not always right but they must have a point to made complaint, always apologies first if there is a complaint and must solve it right immediately.

  5.  Customers who complaint are,good customer because if you take their advice and made changes base on their comment your company eventually will turn into world class service company.

  6. Social Media is not only a trend to follow, use it to build relationship with your customer, not for selling. Selling is only for short term, building relationship is for long term.

Beside this, we have food to be serve as well, I love the fish cake of paparich is delicious believe me. Crispy outside and juicy inside. Yummy!

Of course, do not forget to bring more name card to exchange as I had finished mine on the session. Unbelievable that there are so many new women entreprenuer in different industry, something impress me is a lady who focus on Green, and a lady who doing Nano techonolgy etc etc etc...(Sorry for not mention your name as I left my name card while writting this)

If you want to join us on the next sembang sembang you may contact the GEW Malaysia Secretariat!

Tini - 016 211 2682 (

Mimi- 012 465 8097 (

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Miu said...

wow!! interesting sembang workshop u go. Must own a business to be able to sembang? what did hammam spa talk about?

FatiN said...

seriously interesting!!

Poshies said...

mIU: you need not to be in business yet, but for women who interested to be entreprenuer all can join. Hammam spa sharing how they creat first class service and how they training their staff.

Fatin: yes is something not like beauty related but for all business women

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