Thursday, July 7, 2011

Charcoal Laser Treatment

Benefits of Advance Charcoal Laser Theraphy
  • Minimizing large pores
  • Reducing fine lines
  • Lightening pigmentation
  • Reducing skin-dullness/ uneven skin tone
  • Face-lifting effect

This treatment is really amazing, after i done i can see my pore is really minimize at least 50%... according to Saloon Owner Debbie Lee, if your skin is sensitive also can do this treatment but there is a trick before you go for this treatment, you need to do a lot moisturize mask 3 days in advance. 

After the laser i did have some redness on the face but once after apply the shooting mask and cool hammer, it helps on reduce redness.

Sure you will ask me, is the treatment process Painful? Is not really say painful, but like ant bite.... million of ants bite. But after doing this treatment, the result is super amazing.... even the ant climb up my face also will fall off (because to slippy).

A treatment that you definitely want to try...... 

I am swear that, the picture above is without editing.... 

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