Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lancome, Maqui MIRACLE

Lancôme’s first 12-hour lasting, brightening foundation -- Maqui MIRACLE made its debut in Malaysia with 76 Malaysian women sharing their testimonies of the wonder foundation.

Maqui MIRACLE works in three diligent ways to deliver 12-hour lasting, brightening effects:

·         Firstly, it incorporates Lancôme’s revolutionary Aura-Bright™ technology which deploys a new generation of pigment to bring out the skin’s natural inner light.  Based on Lancôme laboratories long years of research, when visible light reaches our face, around 5% is reflected while 95% penetrates skin to interact with the epidermis and dermis.  Of this, 55% is absorbed and the remaining 40% is re-emitted at the surface to form skin’s inner light.  Aura-Bright™ technology works to reproduce and boost the pinkish and bluish tones of skin’s inner light to reveal a naturally radiant and brightening finish.

  • Other than bringing out the skin’s inner light, Maqui MIRACLE contains a specific complex of ingredients that resists sweat and humidity to keep the complexion looking fresh and radiant up to 12 hours. It has a lightweight, oil-free and mineral-rich formulation which provides wearer a light and airy sensation all day long and glides onto skin smoothly to create a perfect and pore-less finish.

  • Finally, Maqui MIRACLE also features Lancôme’s NeuroWhite™ complex that enhances skin’s clarity every day; and SPF 26 PA++ UV protection that helps prevent the appearance of brown spots and protect skin from the damaging effects of daily UV exposure.

As part of Maqui MIRACLE’s introduction in Malaysia, Lancôme invited its Facebook fans in the country to test the fluid foundation prior to its market launch.  A total of 76 Malaysian women participated in the trial, which required them to wear Maqui MIRACLE fluid foundation for 5 consecutive days; and to observe the comfort level of wearing it daily, and its brightening and lasting power.

Amongst the 76 women who tested the fluid foundation:
  • 79% found it comfortable to wear
  • 76% said that it clears up the face by covering spots and blemishes
  • 72% said it brightens up the complexion

In terms of long-wearing, these women described what they see at various stages of wearing the fluid foundation:
  • After 4 hours – clean; fresh; radiant; glowing; still natural looking and brightness maintained
  • After 8 hours -- glowing fresh look; still staying fresh without discoloration; fresh, natural and luminous after 8 hours
  • After 12 hours -- the foundation stays on with no oily look; it still looks great; coverage is still there without patchiness
Carine Ng, one of the Facebook fans that took the 5-day trial said that Maqui MIRACLE provides an “excellent and long lasting coverage. It creates fresh, flawless and fairer look with natural glow all day long“.  Camie Lam, who also tried out the fluid foundation described Maqui MIRACLE as “a wonderful coverage that evens out skin-tone and gives it a brighter and more radiant complexion all day”.  Fatin Feisal, who fell in love with Maqui MIRACLE after sampling it, said “the coverage and staying power is amazing!  It makes my face healthy & glowing”.

Maqui MIRACLE fluid foundation is available in 6 shades specifically developed to enhance the delicate beauty of Asian skin.  It is presented in an elegant, modern dispenser bottle with a white pump revealed by a crystal-clear cap.  It is available at Lancôme counters nationwide starting May 2011 and retails at RM130 each.

For more information on Maqui MIRACLE fluid foundation, log on toômeMY.


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