Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hari Raya Make-up Look

Selamat Hari Raya..... Poshies would like to share with you a look that create for Hari Raya.

I know Hari Raya not suppose to be always GREEN, but I can't stop myself applying GREEN as I love this green so much.
Colour that i use for this look F2001, F5007, F3001 and F3011

Step 1: using the White colour (F2001) to highlight your eyebrow bone area.

Step 2: Using the Green colour (F5007) to colour the whole eyelid

Step 3 : Using the Yelow colour (F3001) to apply infront the eyelid (yellow match with dark green will become light green)

Step 4: Using the dark black green (F3011) to create a V-shape at the end of the eyelid

Then follow by eyeliner, mascara, drawing eyebrow etc...

P/S: Sorry I did not wear fake lashes and I have short lash, so you would not see eye liner from far, if your lash is long enough then just use mascara will do, if not I will always strongly advise to wear fake lashes to make it more perfect.


1 comment:

Shareena said...

that looks nice color combo!! ^_^

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