Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wash and Color Your Hair at the same time (Part 2)

This had been out in the market at selected Watson in Klang Valley Area only...

Maybe 1 have thick hair so I need to pump 6 to 7 times of the above amout to create bubble. I use to wash hair with alot bubble, so if not this will make me feel like eating chicken rice without chicken.

See the lower part is where I did dye my hair before so the color is look more obvious, but the top part of my new growth hair, did not see much color on it.

I wash it like normal hair shampoo, I even did not leave it for long, just 2 minutes then I had wash it off and follow by conditioner.

After the 3rd wash

I can see even my top part also have color now....

Do really like this shampoo as you Wash and Color Your Hair at the same time, it had save me alot of time sitting in the salon. The only con part make my hair very dry even I already "Rajin Rajin" apply conditioner. Anyhow I am already planing to have a hair cut soon.

*Good news to all reader, I had tried and like this product, Poshies is thinking giving out this "Babe" for you to try too, stay tune for the give away contest...


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