Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wash and Color Your Hair at the same time

They are my new babe!

2010 welcomes the very much anticipated TONI&GUY COLOUR – a line of product that aim to blow your hair away. Comprising 2 tone-intensifying shampoos, and conditioners which work together; to ‘positively charge (+) your individual colour with tone intensifying shade-specific care’.

TONI&GUY COLOUR come in TWO tone-alluring shades: Red Brunette and Dark Brunette which specifically formulated to help assist longer colour retention. From cleansing, through to maximising the tonality of your colour at the styling stage, each of which incorporate a designated regime.

What differentiate TONI&GUY COLOUR from others is the delivery of optimal intensity given in the way of LEVEL ONE DYE COMPLEX that works by penetrating just underneath the hair cuticle.

It gets better with the gorgeous aesthetic shimmer-effect of glitter overlay which is present in all, to give an effervescent glow to the hair.

Normal Price : RM39.90 / 250ml

TONI&GUY Dark Brunette Shampoo  250ml
Work it like ultimate Brit-chick Alexa Chung by adding a rich, mocha-like depth with this tone-concentrated shampoo for refl ective shine. Infused with Level One Dye Technology, Olive Oil and Heat Protection Complex.

TONI&GUY Dark Brunette Conditioner 250ml
Perfectly partnering Dark Brunette shampoo, this conditioner both nourishes and hydrates with Olive Oil, UV fi lter and Heat Protection Complex.

TONI&GUY Red Brunette Shampoo 250ml
Wild girls – think Lindsay Lohan  will love the enriched warmth given with subtle hints of Level One Dye Technology for enhancing red undertones with multidimensional tonality.
An enhancing shampoo that works to add shine with Olive Oil and a Heat Protection Complex.

TONI&GUY Red Brunette Conditioner 250ml
Promotes added radiance and shine, as targeted areas are nourished with ‘selective’ conditioning to partner Red Brunette shampoo. Olive Oil and a Heat Protection Complex give additional care benefi ts.


TONI&GUY hair care range is available at selected Watson’s stores. And I have given RED Brunette colour range to try, will post up soon.... Stay tune


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