Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thanks for everyone who make this wonderful Butterfly event

The even started with beautiful Pole Dance performance by viva vertical, the 2 ladies below are not from viva, but I think they just love the pole too much, showing some nice post. They are doing well... do you agree with me?

My brother (the camera Man) came in late, I do not have most of the photo. You may visit The Butterfly Project Fanspage Photo Album. I am a person who love sharing, during this butterfly project, I had share most of  the secret.... you want to know what is the secret? Maybe you need to come for the next butterfly project.
After the theory part, I will show you the step how to do it, if you attending Color with confident class, normally I will ask the model to choose a color she "Hate"

hey look, I spot Tammy from sitting outside, she always look cute to me. Can you imagine we are almost same age but i look so much older then her.

I am a very forgetful person, please forgive me if I really can't recall your name, my model her facebook ID is Zheng Norahs, a girl who love everything about beauty. Follow step by step , from select foundation color til putting on eyeshadow, eye liner and lips color.

A look of Before and After.

My 1st Model of Morning Session, but i do not have her look before Make-up

She very lucky on that day, after putting on a Bling Bling Colour on her eyes. She get her make-up done, and she get her hair do done, lastly she won herself a Nail Art FREE on the Lucky Draw.

After my session, of course everyone need a break, is Tea Time.

After the break, everyone is back for Michelle from Supermodel-secret presentation.

She have wonderful product sell at her blogshop that can make every women change in 2 seconds. You might need to check it out from her blog

After the sharing of Michelle, is one to one consultation time, I love to share more base on each person character but i do not have enough time to do that, but if you want to learn more, you may enroll a day Personal Course only RM168 and you will get RM50 worth of product FREE.

 Is really a great pleasure for me to share my little knowledge to every women, as i told everyone that day, why i become a make-up artist (Make-up Art Director) because i have a bad experience to be the most ugly bride in the world. I wish every women can look more confident and beautiful just with a little small effort putting on Make-up.

Lastly i would like to say a big thanks to all the people below:
S2 Slimming
Michelle's BF Vincent
Viva Vertical
Tidy & Neat Michelle
Poster Designer Aileen
Evening Lavender (nail art sponsor)
Elle (insurance voucher sponsor)
Ocean Goddess - John - Edwin
Stacey's bro photographer - Dennis Lee
Stacey's sis - Hui Fen
Hui Fen's BF


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