Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lifestyle Barcamp KL 2010

< Lifestyle Barcamp KL >  Apa ini? What is this?  什么来的?

 We are planning to organize LifestyleCamp KL for Fashion & Beauty Industry on 14 November 2010 during Global Entrepreneur Week. Barcamp is a user generated conference that encourage sharing of ideas & knowledge. LifestyleCamp KL is a good networking event for new & uprising entrepreneurs in the fashion, beauty, photography, wedding, parenting industry etc etc. 

In Malaysia, every year Barcamp KL, Barcamp PG & Barcamp Melaka is organizing it for the IT industry. and is taking the initiative to organize something new for you all the beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogger, if you own blog shop, a business or you are entrepreneur minded. You are the one whom we are looking for to join us as volunteer, Speaker or even you just want to be visitor also can.

We are calling for the volunteer meeting on 5th OCT 2010, Mid Valley (Burger King) - 7pm, who ever wanted to join us for this project all are welcome to meet us there.

More information please click here.


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