Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mumus - Taiwan Skin Care

As a make-up artist , I always need to do heavy make-up. A proper cleaning process  is really important. Glad that is giving me a fews item to try, and I personally like the mask, although is not the most good quality bio-mask but the effect is really very similar and the price is so much cheaper.

Frist step: Cleansing Oil, is better to use with cotton to remove the eyes an lips area frist, then pour some gentle massage the whole face to remove the make-up.

Step 2: Using water to dilute the cleansing oil into Milk, then raise off with water.

Step 3: Cleasing Cream, it is better we do double cleansing after heavy make-up, so I use Amino Acid Cleansing Cream to clean up the face wouldn't fee oil or sticky.

Step 4: Applying toner to balance the PH level, then you can go ahead for apply mask. My suggestion is 2 -3 times a week.

The Result is very obvious fair, but after the next day the skin would not as fair as after applying the mask.

Jadens is funny, he hate how my look with face mask

Lastly, follow by the normal step of your skin care apply.
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